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For the Mosel – our home

We are not a Mosel eco-hotel and we are not a certified hotel in the sustainability sector.

But: This topic is important to us and we see ourselves as a business with a responsibility to act sustainably. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and would appreciate your suggestions.

What we have already achieved:

  • Our food products are regional, seasonal and home-made – we support our local economy and have shorter transport distances
  • In order to avoid waste we can always offer smaller portions on the menu
  • There are hardly any pre-packed food items on the breakfast buffet
  • The guest may decide if his room should be cleaned or not and receives a reward for this and we are helping the environment at the same time
  • We pack jam and wine in re-usable bags and have abolished one-way bags
  • We only change bed linen when required and thus save water, energy and washing detergents
  • We use a dosage system for our cleaning agents so that we can save cleaning materials
  • We use timers for lighting
  • We avoid using paper by working digitally
  • We use candle stumps to fill our brazier so that we do not waste resources