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As one of the most well-known winegrowing regions of Germany the Mosel stands for wine and a distinct wine culture. Far back in history the Romans cultivated vineyards in the Mosel valley and discovered that the steep slopes were just perfect for viticulture.

Even today winegrowing takes place mostly on the steep slopes of the valley. Apart from Riesling more and more different grape varieties are being cultivated such Pinot Blanc, Elbling, Rivaner and some red wines can be found here too. The large number of small winegrowing businesses and resulting top wines make the Mosel and its wines so unique and special.

Standing in the Deutschherrenhof you look over the surrounding vineyards and can also visit some of the wineries of the region and enjoy some wine tasting. On walks through the vineyards you can appreciate the work-intensive steep slopes and be able to observe the one or the other vintner at work. Particularly in autumn, which is grape picking time, it is especially fascinating to see how the grapes are picked by hand and then transported out of the vineyard either on a monorail system or cable pulleys or with men carrying backpacks.

In small local wineries and at wine festivals you can taste and smell the results of all this hard work and embrace that very special Mosel feeling.

Salvador Dalí

“Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine but taste secrets.”