General terms and conditions

a. These Terms and Conditions govern contracts for the rental use of hotel rooms for lodging purposes, as well as all other goods and services of the hotel.
b. Any subletting or sharing of the rented rooms or any use which differs from the usual accommodation purposes require prior written approval of the hotel whereby § 540 section 1 sentence 2 German Civil Code (BGB) is waived insofar as the customer is not a consumer.
c. The customer’s general terms and conditions shall apply only if these are previously expressly agreed in writing.

a. We are looking forward to your booking at the Hotel Deutschherrenhof. By orders / book rooms, rooms, arrangements (packages) or other services, a contract is concluded between you (the customer) and Hotel Deutschherrenhof in accordance with the following terms and conditions after oral, written or electronic confirmation by the hotel. All further confirmations of confirmation requested by the Hotel serve as a supplement to the internal planning and are not decisive for the conclusion of the contract.
b. If an order / booking is made for several customers, the ordering party shall be liable for all customers / participants registered by him/her and for all obligations arising from this contract.
c. If the Hotel's confirmation of reservation differs from your order/booking in one or more points, the content of the confirmation of reservation shall become part of the contract, unless you (the customer) object immediately, at the latest, however, upon check-in (acceptance of the services).
d. If the booking is made through an intermediary (e.g. travel portals such as or, the intermediary's confirmation to the guest is only provided as an alternative. The booking can be rejected by Hotel Deutschherrenhof for good cause (overbooking, wrong rates, etc.).
e. If Hotel Deutschherrenhof requests a deposit or advance payment for a reservation/booking and this is not paid within the agreed period, the reservation confirmation/reconfirmation is invalid.

a. The Check-in is possible from 02.30 pm on the day of arrival. Check-out have to take place by 11.00 am on the day of departure.
b. Should you wish to leave after 11.00 am (late check-out), please ask at the reception desk. In case Hotel Deutschherrenhof agrees to the late check-out, half of the room price of an extended night need to be paid if you leave before 06.00 pm. The full price of an extended night need to be paid if you leave after 06.00 pm. For reserved rooms, we ask you to arrive by 06.00 pm the latest. If the late arrival after 06.00 pm has not been notified in advance, or if your reservation has not been paid in full or in part in advance, the Hotel Deutschherrenhof may dispose the rooms otherwise.

a. The duration and scope of the contractual services of Hotel Deutschherrenhof are determined by the information in the respectively valid price list, the homepage of Hotel Deutschherrenhof or the made agreements. Agreements deviating from the valid price list need to be made between you (the customer) and the hotel and need to have been reconfirmed in writing by the hotel. With the publication of a new price list, all previous prices shall lose their validity.
b. All offers are subject to change without notice. Offers sent by post, e-mail or fax have a maximum validity of 7 days.
c. Our half board offer includes a breakfast buffet and a four-course menu. If possible, the Hotel Deutschherrenhof also offers lunch instead of dinner at the customers request.
d. If the customer, for whatever reason, does not take advantage of one of the meals, he/she is not entitled to a refund or reduction. This also applies to pro rata refunds.
e. The prices stated in the current price list or in other lists and confirmations include the service charge and the currently applicable value added tax.
f. Should there be an increase in VAT after the conclusion of the contract, we need to charge this increase on to the customer. If there are more than 6 months between the conclusion of the contract and the date of arrival, we also reserve the right to make price changes without prior notice.

a. For group bookings of 10 or more people, the number of rooms must be confirmed 16 weeks before arrival. 5 weeks before arrival a partial invoice of 50% of the total amount will be sent to the customer as a guarantee. The final payment must be paid at the latest on departure, unless there is no other written agreement between the customer and Hotel Deutschherrenhof.
b. If Hotel Deutschherrenhof has not requested any other (advance) payment, the total amount of your booking/reservation is due upon departure.
c. In case a stay is longer than 5 days, Hotel Deutschherrenhof can issue an interim invoice.
d. If the guest is in arrears with his/her payment, the hotel can terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Hotel Deutschherrenhof reserves the right to assert further claims for damages, in particular the loss of other rentals.
e. If the guest terminates his/her stay prematurely, he/she is nevertheless obliged to pay for the booked / confirmed overall service. Exceptions to this are excluded; unless the customer can prove that Hotel Deutschherrenhof has failed to sublet the room appropriately.
f. The place for the guest's payment obligations is Zeltingen-Rachtig. This also applies if the payment was credited to the customer.
g. Payments from credit card companies, cheques or bills of exchange are only made on account of performance.

Cancellation by the customer are possible at any time before the start of the trip; however, this should be done in writing in the costumers own interest. Cancellations of a reservation are possible under the following conditions:
a. for individual travellers up to 9 persons
Up to 48 hours before arrival (18:00 hrs at the latest) - cancellation free of charge
Subsequently - 80% of the total amount
In case of non-arrival - 100% of the total amount  
b. Group tours from 10 persons
Cancellation free of charge for the whole group up to 50 days before arrival
Up to 30 days before arrival - 50 % of the total amount 
Up to the 14th day before arrival - 80% of the total amount
Subsequently - 100 % of the total amount 
There is no entitlement to free cancellation of individual rooms in a group booking. However, Hotel Deutschherrenhof can grant this in individual cases.
c. Events from 10 persons
Up to 4 weeks before arrival or start of the event free of charge
Up to the 20th day before arrival / start - 20 % of the total amount
Up to the 10th day before arrival / start - 80% of the total amount
Up to 3 days before arrival / start - 90 % of the total amount
Subsequently - 100 % of the total amount

a. The customer or the organiser are liable to Hotel Deutschherrenhof without proof of fault for any damage caused by them or their customers. 
b. In case of key loss by the customer or contract partner, the customer or contract partner is liable for the replacement of the locking system.
c. In case of a false alarm triggered by the customer or contractual partner, the customer or contractual partner shall be liable for all damages caused to the Hotel (fire brigade and personnel deployment etc.).
d. We cannot accept any liability for food brought or delivered to the Hotel (e.g. wedding cakes) or food taken from the restaurant.
e. Hotel Deutschherrenhof is not liable to the customer or the contract partner if the provision of services becomes impossible in case of a strike or as a result of force majeure, in particular flooding. In such cases, Hotel Deutschherrenhof will endeavour to procure other equivalent services.
f. Hotel Deutschherrenhof is liable to the customer in accordance with the provisions of §§ 701 f BGB (up to 100 times the room price, maximum 3,500.00 euros); not for money and valuables, unless Hotel Deutschherrenhof or its staff is demonstrably at fault or the valuables or money were given to Hotel Deutschherrenhof for safekeeping against issue of a receipt.
g. If the customer brings a motor vehicle with him/her and if this is parked in a parking space provided by Hotel Deutschherrenhof, liability is limited to damages that are demonstrably caused by employees of the hotel.

h. In the case of events, it is the responsibility of the contractual partner to insure items brought along against theft, damage or destruction. Any liability of Hotel Deutschherrenhof is excluded.

a. If the customer uses the rooms for an other than the agreed purpose, Hotel Deutschherrenhof has an extraordinary right of termination.
b.If Hotel Deutschherrenhof has justified reason to assume that a planned customer-event endangers the smooth business operations, safety or reputation of the hotel or customer, Hotel Deutschherrenhof can terminate the contractual relationship with extraordinary notice.
c. In these cases, Hotel Deutschherrenhof's claim to the agreed remuneration remains valid despite extraordinary termination.
d. An extraordinary right of termination on the part of the Hotel also applies in the event of force majeure or internal unrest.

Vouchers are redeemable as soon as the corresponding payment has been received in the business account of Hotel Deutschherrenhof. The original voucher must be presented upon arrival. The hotel may refuse to provide the service if the original voucher is not presented.

a. Rooms and other areas are made available against payment. The transfer of these to third parties is only permitted with the written consent of Hotel Deutschherrenhof.
b. Animals may only be brought along with the prior consent of Hotel Deutschherrenhof and against payment of a surcharge. Animals may not be brought into the wellness area or other designated areas.
c. Wake-up orders, information, mail and consignments of goods are non-binding. The customer cannot derive any claims of any kind from this. Lost and found items (forgotten items) will only be forwarded on request and against reimbursement of the shipping costs. The retention period is 6 months.
d. In case that Hotel Deutschherrenhof transports the customer free of charge, liability is limited in accordance with the motor vehicle insurance for personal injury and property damage.
e. Excursions, transfers, boat and bus trips or other services (e.g. wellness treatments) are provided by a third party on behalf of Hotel Deutschherrenhof, this third party is liable to the guest in accordance with its respective GTC or valid legal provisions. Hotel Deutschherrenhof's liability is excluded in this case.
f. Bringing food and beverages to events at Hotel Deutschherrenhof is generally excluded. The decoration of the event rooms requires a special agreement unless it is merely the usual table decoration.
g. In the case of registration of several persons as well as group, travel, seminar and conference events, the number and, if applicable, participant name lists must be sent to Hotel Deutschherrenhof up to 3 days before arrival or the start of the event. Political events must be clearly marked on the request.
h. The communication and advertising of trips associated with a stay at Hotel Deutschherrenhof requires the prior written approval of the respective advertising measure by the hotel.

a. For any disputes arising from this contract and its fulfilment, as far as legally permissible, the registered place of the Hotel (Zeltingen-Rachtig) shall be deemed agreed.
b. Should one of the above provisions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the invalid provision shall come into force.

STATUS: 01.12.2020