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The restaurant at the Deutschherrenhof in Zeltingen-Rachtig on the Mosel not only offers your typical Mosel cuisine and a fresh variety of food on its menu. The different venues are unique and offer a wealth of variety just as within the entire Mosel hotel.

The Knight’s Hall

  • Steeped in history but radiating the warmth of the fireplace, you can enjoy your breakfast in royal and knightly fashion. This festival hall is also open for afternoon tea and coffee, lunch or a candlelight dinner.

The Pantry

  • elegant parlour which can be partitioned off for private parties

The Bakehouse

  • the cosy former bakehouse – as homelike as Grandma’s kitchen

The Conservatory

  • wonderfully peaceful with a view of the gardens and vineyards

The Sun Terrace

  • a dream for all cyclists and hikers in the Mosel offering a playground and gardens

The Courtyard

  • Romantic courtyard with a typical Mosel flair

The Vaulted Cellar

  • A quaint but modern cellar – ideal for wine tasting and celebrations

The Deutschherren Cellar

  • Our hotel bar – for a nice evening with friends