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New Chef de Cuisine

news as of 1 april 2020

Dear Deutschherrenhof Friends,

Glad tidings we bring from the Deutschherrenhof arousing your pleasure for the next Mosel holiday:

Our Deutschherrenhof family has grown and we are delighted to introduce our new team member, chef de cuisine Bernhard Tintemann. His many years of experience in renowned hotels in Germany and in particular in the Mosel region makes him a great asset for our hotel. He will be ready to answer your questions very soon and you will hear all about him and the new culinary highlights on our media channels.

Together with our new chef de cuisine Bernhard we do hope that we can start the new season full of ideas and boundless energy. Until then we will be busy with drawing up new menus, culinary highlights and a modern restaurant bill of fare. We are looking forward to treating you to some extraordinary delights again.

Full of joy and enthusiasm we are now using our time – in which we have to shut down the hotel until 19 April 2020 on official order – to completely renovate the “Von-Sayn-Room” in a totally new and different design.

We will send out our newsletter and inform you on our new website and social media Instagram and Facebook all about those precious Mosel moments, Deutschherrenhof feelings, our architectural changes, delightful prospects, competitions, news and updates.

Springtime greetings and stay safe!